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Management Suite Charlestown Centre Dublin 11 Ireland

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Job Title:   Catering Operations Manager

Purpose of Job: To be responsible and accountable for catering services throughout the facility: the planning, organising, controlling and directing of the catering services with respect to facility and statutory requirements, policies and standards.

Responsible to: CEO

Location:  North Dublin City

Salary: €35,000

Main Duties: 

  • Identify the objectives for the catering services in the facility.
  • Specify the management and supervisory responsibilities within the structure of the Catering Department.
  • Maintain an appropriate management, administrative and supervisory structure.
  • Ensure catering services produce and provide food that is of good quality, nutritious and well presented.
  • Cater for cultural and ethnic dietary requirements where necessary.
  • Exercise effective budgetary control and review the application of technology in the Catering Department.
  • Update and compile new products and menus according to market availability, trends and customer needs
  • Ensure Hospital policies regarding recruitment of staff and employment conditions are fairly applied within the Catering Department.
  • Actively plan for future catering needs
  • Ensure the accuracy of information used to generate staff remuneration.
  • Ensure that effective methods of control are established and maintained over all items of expenditure including purchasing, receiving, quality control, storing, stock control, contract services and staff costs.
  • Prepare budgets and ensure adherence to same.
  • Prepare the specifications for the purchasing of all goods required.
  • Ensure facility Standard Business Processes are adhered to at all times
  • Maintain all appropriate records and generate reports when and where required

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