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Job Title:   Director of Sales & Marketing

Purpose of Job: To contribute and manage the implementation of the Hotel Annual Sales and Marketing strategy for the Hotel.
To Develop and implement sales and marketing strategies for the hotel to ensure revenue and room night sales goals are achieved, sales and marketing strategies are set, tactical plans are created and implemented, and results are monitored and achieved. Responsible for targeting, focussing and co-ordinating the Sales & Marketing Team, and Meeting and Events team, and their  activity to maximise on the opportunities that exist in all Markets. 

Responsible to: Hotel General Manager & Group DOS

Main Duties & Responsibilities

Sales Development

To develop and implement sales Objectives, strategies and plans for growth by: 

  • Develop, implement and monitor the annual sales and marketing plan for the hotel.
  • Manage all aspects of sales and marketing activities in the hotel, ensuring sales resources are used to maximize revenue channels for the hotel.  
  • Direct day-to-day sales activities, plan and assign work, and establish performance and development goals for team members. Provide mentoring, coaching and regular feedback to help manage conflict, improve team member performance, and recognise good performance.  
  • Assist in Budget Planning for the hotel. 
  • Manage own portfolio of accounts in Corporate, MICE, Agent, Tour Operator, OTA and Leisure segments in local, regional and global markets. 
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key clients and outside contacts (example: guests, CCD, DCB, Tourism Ireland, airlines, wholesalers, travel agencies, ad agencies, local community groups) in order to produce group and/or convention business, to include room sales, food and beverage sales, and catering/banquet services.  
  • Agreeing and monitor departmental sales action plans. 
  • Hotel websites – responsible for website content, marketing, SEO, PPC, GA.  
  • Proactively identifying new business opportunities and securing this business. 
  • Achieve annual targets set for managed account portfolio, new business, and personal objectives agreed.  
  • Participating and supporting hotel Sales Manager with customer visits. 
  • Complete regular SWOT analysis on competitor hotels identifying market threats, pressures and opportunities, ensuring activities reflect these, and advising senior management of this market information.  
  • Provide feedback to the General Manager and Group Director of Sales on local market conditions. 
  • Manage accounts on national basis for all hotels within the group.
  • Manage and undertake local, regional and national key account activities including trade shows, networking events, workshops, presentations and sales missions.      
  • Promote hotels in the domestic, UK and overseas markets.
  • Create and develop special events and sales blitzes to showcase the hotel to potential clients.
  • Attend trade shows and major market events locally and nationally to promote new business and increase sales and marketing opportunities for the hotel. 
  • Manage all sales and marketing projects as per business requirements. 
  • Set revenue and activity objectives and targets for the Sales Team, and the M&E Team.  
  • Monitor team results and adjusts activities to ensure objectives and targets are reached. 
  • Design, implement, and monitor sales and marketing plans for all Food and Beverage outlets, and Leisure centre and outlets.   Cross selling of all sister properties within the hotel group.


  • Achieve budgeted revenues and personal/team sales goals and maximise profitability.
  • Participate in the preparation of the annual departmental operating budget, the hotel marketing plan and business plan, and financial plans.  
  • Create and implement sales plans that drive measurable incremental occupancy, increase average rates, increase volume, food and beverage, meeting and events sales, and Leisure club sales.  
  • Review monthly reports and sales forecasts to analyse current/potential market and sales trends, coordinate activities to increase revenue and market share and monitor performance to ensure actual sales meet or exceed established revenue plan.


  • To secure brand identity in all markets by:  
    • Creating and using public relations opportunities to exploit the brand image. 
    • Inputting ideas into new brand developments, and expressing confidence in the hotel brand. 
    • Marketing Plan – design and implement online and off line marketing initiatives and activities to support the hotels revenue objectives and track return on investment. 
    • Manage agreed Marketing spends and logging return on investment, on an annual basis, ensuring no overspends. 
    • Hotel websites – responsible for website content, marketing, SEO, PPC, GA.
  • People and Organisation To develop a high-performing Sales & Marketing team to meet the current and future challenges of the business by: 
    • Agreeing challenging objectives with the team. 
    • Educate, train and motivate sales and marketing teams to achieve hotel revenue goals. Ensure staff has the information, market data, tools and equipment to successfully carry out job duties.  
    • Monitoring and reviewing performance on a regular basis through team meetings, job chats, and annual appraisals.   Assisting the Human Resources Department in recruiting and selecting suitable team members with potential for the business.  Coaching and developing the hotel Sales & Marketing, and Meeting and Events Teams through training and development activities for current and future jobs. 
    • Provide leadership and counselling to the sales and meeting and events teams on appropriate selling techniques. 
    • Ensuring training successfully contributes to the business through planning, action and evaluation. 
    • Ensuring compliance with all personnel practices and procedures, including promoting an environment where members of the team work co-operatively with all their colleagues. 
    • Keeping the team up-to-date about departmental, hotel and company activities through regular communication.
  •  Process and Systems To establish and manage processes, which monitor, control and regulate activities by:  
    • Managing the integration of information technology initiatives into the Sales & Marketing Department. 
    • Using technology to enhance management information.
    • Implementing best practices within the Sales & Marketing Department. 
    • Ensuring all current measurement processes are in place.  
    • Ensure that Salesforce.com is used to record all sales and marketing activity, opportunities, and results.  
  • Participate in Revenue Meetings in the hotel.  
  • Organise and manage Sales Meeting at the hotel, with actions and activities logged, and ensure all activities are completed in a timely manner.
  • Managing Health & Safety To ensure the health, safety and well-being of the Sales & Marketing Team by: 
    • Assisting Hotel Management in communicating to the team their responsibilities regarding health and safety. 
    • To ensure that all reasonable care is taken for the health & safety of yourself, your colleagues, customers and other persons on the premises 
    • Assisting Hotel Management to ensure that safe and healthy working practices are implemented at all times. 
  • Assisting the Human Resources Department to ensure that statutory health & safety training is up to date at all times.
  • Self-Management Managing your own time and duties by; 
    • Striving to achieve high personal performance standards. 
    • Planning, organising and using a systematic approach to get things done. 
    • Managing time and resources effectively. 
    • Prioritise actions and manage tasks through to completion. 
    • Actively seeking opportunities to develop and learn from experience at all levels.
    • Accepts personal responsibility for making things happen.

Communication and Leadership Skills

  • Communicating with and leading the Sales & Marketing team by: 
    • Communicating openly and clearly both verbally and in writing. 
    • Pitching information at the appropriate level. 
    • Listen and be sensitive to the needs of others. 
    • Develop positive working relationships at all levels. 
    • Effectively delegate to get things done. 
    • Manage conflict effectively. 
    • Motivate and inspire the team to perform efficiently and effectively. 
    • Presenting powerful arguments which persuade others. 
    • Express confidence in your own ideas. 
    • Have confidence in networking with others.

Pro-Active Behaviour Being proactive in your role by:

  • Acting on own initiative when appropriate. 
  • Take calculated risks to achieve results.
  • Think ahead, developing contingency plans where necessary. 
  • Have the drive and determination to get things done.
  • Contribute and be effective when team working with peers.

Flexibility Being flexible in your role by;

  • Adapting quickly and positively to new situations. 
  • Continue to be productive in changing circumstances. 
  • Handle more than one task / situation at a time. 
  • Adapt you work emphasis and focus to ensure delivery of results.

    This list of duties and responsibilities is not exhaustive as you will be required to carry out other duties as assigned to you from time to time by the Directors.

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