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Job Title:   Pastry Chef

Responsible to: Head Chef

Location:  Dublin City Centre

Salary: €35,000


  • Working experience as a pastry chef for at least 3-4 years
  • Training in any approved pastry chef institution
  • Ability to create new pastries, desserts, and breads that are both attractive and palatable
  • Good knowledge of ingredients useful for pastry making
  • Ability to direct and supervise other members of staff in the kitchen to ensure compliance with organization’s standards
  • Ability to identify required skills and capabilities in prospective kitchen staff
  • Good leadership skills, including good interaction with subordinates and superiors in the organization
  • Good sense of judgment required for accurate task assignment to subordinates
  • Ability to motivate subordinates, especially when they are under pressure

Main Duties: 

  • Keep the kitchen organized and clean
  • Supervise subordinates in the kitchen
  • Prepare kitchen budgets and present them to the organization’s management for perusal and possible approval
  • Order all supplies required in the kitchen for making pastries
  • Know of new developments and emerging pastry making ideas to improve on the organization’s profit making
  • Prepare menu items for dessert
  • Prepare baked foods, such as bread, alongside pastries and desserts
  • Research and also develop recipes
  • Clean all utensils and equipment used for baking and making pastries in the kitchen
  • Conduct and Organize tasting sessions for the potential customers and waiting staff any time there is such requirement
  • Inculcate into kitchen staff members new standards imposed by the management
  • Ensure all utensils and equipment utilized in the kitchen are in the best working conditions
  • Decorate baked foods and cakes in accordance with the organization’s requirements
  • Closely inspect the measure and quality of ingredients used for each preparation
  • Liaise with ingredient suppliers and choose carefully the ingredients required for baking needs

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