We’re getting in touch as you sent your cv to us . Millennium People Recruitment provides Permanent Recruitment Service to Job seekers , We will not forward your details to potential employers unless we have discussed this with you in advance . We will retain your cv for a period of 12 months and after that we will delete and shred.

Procedure for submitting a cv to an employer

Candidate  :

When you submit a cv we will issue a unique gdpr number  to your name ,

We will communicate to you about the job vacancies available

With your consent we will forward your cv with your gdpr number to the potential employer

Your current position current employer details will not be included and your name will not be included.

Procedure  for employer  receiving and requesting to meet candidates

Employer :

With the consent of the candidate we submit their cv  , we have omitted their name , current position and current employer. If you are interested in meeting the candidate please quote the gdpr ref number .

Please delete and shred the cv if you are not interested in the indivual  do not forward to 3rd parties ,and do not discuss with 3rd parties   please respect the privacy of individuals

For any queries, please contact us at

Thank you for your ongoing support,
Tony Hegarty
Data Protection Officer

This email is a required legal notice; it is not a marketing or promotional email.